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crimping "the internets", one class C at a time.

actually, there are plenty of moments when subnetting instantly imposed 2-4 of these network segments intuitively. provided you had extra hubs available for the endpoints. people just assumed it was common knowledge to put multiple NICs into some generic tower and that netfilter configured itself. that was transparent. the missing hubs were highly visible.

More Monkey Business in Milwaukee

author : g77iij    2018-05-25 02:04:45


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Ezra Levant Hates Gypsies

author : jomoojo    2012-10-02 21:54:05

I remember something Blanche Dubois said at the end of Streetcar. About how she had to rely upon the kindness of strangers. Let's hope she didnt run into Ezra Levant. His diatribe on the Roma is sickening. But in Ontario that is precisely why the Human Rights Commissions have been established. If you can handle racism packaged in familiarly insulting terms, then try reading some excerpts of an entirely disgusting tirade. BTW, Ezra calls himself a "journalist". wow, lol.   [more...]

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Well Fargo Accidentally Forecloses

author : g77iij    2012-09-24 16:14:19

I read about how banks mistakenly foreclose on properties that never belonged to them. Case of mistaken and/or misprinted address. In this case the subcontractors broke in, looted the owners' possessions, and committed vandalism on a grand scale. The bank is regretful.   [more...]

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Al Jazeera Website Slightly Hacked

author : jomoojo    2012-09-20 01:13:03

Its important to run websites on a properly installed computer. Let us never neglect systems administration since users are often oblivious to security issues. People are lazy by definition. Working hard and enthusiastically is the exception. Somebody worked hard. It wasnt Al jazeera. Bummer.   [more...]

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